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Meet Onani Carver, Th.D.

Research Scientist, Mentor & Speaker

Over the last 30 years, I have created a unique body of teachings combining the ancient wisdom of indigenous spirituality and yoga with modern biology and life sciences. 

The research I’ve developed is unique and revolutionary in our current scientific context.

Combining the disciplines of evolutionary biology, socio-political change and spiritual transformation, we uncover the universal canvas for human evolution and planetary growth.

My mission is to give validity, credibility and practical tools to those devoted to personal and planetary change.”

– Dr. Onani Carver

Introducing Unified Science

Conscious, Creative Science for an Evolving Planet

After years working with pioneers in the field of consciousness studies, Unified Science has emerged as the body of work to inspire a new episteme for the future of humanity.

In contrast to the conventional conclusion that consciousness is a random side-effect of the brain, Unified Science theorizes that matter emerges from consciousness – and that consciousness is integral to the natural world.

Unified Science recognizes the “Unified Field” as the interconnectedness of everything, and acknowledges spiritual experiences as real, valuable and meaningful.

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