Onani Mentoring welcomes clients from all walks of life, all genders, races and ages.

Onani has worked with career professionals from such organizations as Merck, NCR, Wright State University, Sinclair College, University of Dayton, Central State University, WPAFB, McDonald’s, Waste Management, Sandler Sales Institute, Catholic Diocese, La Leche League, Premier HealthNet, Primal Quest, Honda, Booze Allen Hamilton, ING Financial Services, IFlow, Dayton Public Schools, Springfield Public schools, La Plata Electric Co-Op and more.

Personal Mentoring

I meet in person, phone or skype for 1 – 1 1/2 hour long sessions. I teach clients to release blockages and connect to their own deep wisdom on an energetic level, sometimes known as prana, chi, divine intelligence or source energy.  From this place, true healing, love and creativity can be accessed. Some clients get what they need in one to three sessions, other clients use my support for years. Whatever is right for you. Contact now to discuss your needs and desires.

I think you are the coolest person on the planet.

You are one of the few true master teachers I have ever experienced. I have come to realize, even when it seems intellectual, you are teaching energetically. Your presence creates a sacred space around me and I feel a part of that. I have come to know, without a doubt, I am divine creation within divine creation.

Onani has had such a positive and deep impact on my life. She truly has a special gift.

Executive Leadership

I work with executive management, military and government officials and other professionals, including medical, law and ministerial; addressing a wide range of personal and professional concerns: life balance, family relationships, intimacy, health concerns, how to inspire staff, work relationships, career path goals, and personal blocks limiting success and contentment.

I maintain high standards of confidentiality and discretion working with professionals in difficult circumstances including conflict resolution, worker’s comp, anger management, substance abuse and conflict with personnel that cannot be shared with HR. My services can often be accepted in place of public, court ordered classes, if needed. Contact me to get started

I address both concrete, short term solutions required for job safety and family stability as well as the unconscious patterns asking to be recognized and transformed.

When faced with resistance, I thought I needed to hide from it. Onani taught me to trust it and my whole world opened up. What a powerful awakening!

I came to Onani because I wanted some kind of change for the better; even though I thought my health was good and that I had great success in my career. I had no idea my life could be this much better so fast. Onani helped me enlarge my vision of success.

Thank you for being you and for showing me that this time I don’t need to run away and find a new life – just see this one with new eyes.

Organizational Coaching

Businesses are experiencing more conflict than ever due to many social changes influencing the way we relate to power, authority and communication. And yet, the vast majority of people truly have the best interest of their organization at heart.

The cost of contentious conflict adds up long before it shows up on the financial statements. Unresolved differences can quickly erode trust and respect among staff, unions, customers or other crucial relationships that took years to build. Key employees stop contributing valuable insights and resign. Emotional turmoil takes its toll contributing to more sick leave, accidents and undermining behavior, including lawsuits.

An outside perspective can be especially helpful if your organization is navigating through anything new — new ideas, new markets, new products, new strategies, new members and/or new management. While these are the most common variables that lead to growth and change, these are also the elements that create the most chaos.

The personal process of human interaction is central to effective facilitation, mediation and coaching. The greatest factor for success is the right match between you (the business leader), the coach and your organization. Contact me for an initial conversation to assist you.

Onani’s technique and style helped everyone speak up and play a significant role in the organization. She helped us all learn how to listen. This drove down safety cost, improved customer service, improved productivity and drastically improved morale; all this lead to improved bottom line. We grew operating margins by 50% practically overnight using Onani’s expertise. The results were stunning.

The managers that report to me have gone to Onani for her brand of teachings and they have come away with a common language and trust of themselves to do better. This has resulted in the best earnings report this market has ever experienced.


Facilitation is a process using a neutral person (the facilitator) to help guide structure, content and discussion among people toward accomplishing their objectives. Using a facilitator helps to keep a respectful, creative process going, leaving the participants free to explore the exchange of ideas, values and concerns.

I facilitate retreats, meetings and forums. My experience includes non-profit board retreats, college forums, health care professional conferences as well as highly controversial civic issues such as water fluoridation, affordable housing, school bullying, government planning policy and assisted living for disabled and elderly. Contact me today to discuss your needs.


As board president, I was absolutely dreading our school board meeting with ‘interfacing public and homeschool policy’ on the agenda. We had had difficult, volatile meetings on this subject in the past. With Onani’s guidance, it turned out to be the best meeting we ever had. We came away feeling connected as one community, yet able to address a wide range of constantly changing individual needs. Five years later, we continue to create solutions that work for the diverse families and children we serve.

Much to our surprise, our local Catholic church was getting dissolved by the national organization due to restructuring. Fortunately, Onani facilitated our final retreat. She helped us face our grief, fear and feelings of powerlessness. She took us through the process of owning our own feelings rather than directing them toward each other, blaming or denying. We also came to realize the opportunity before us. We were able to step into the next phase with a lasting appreciation for each other for the 20 years we had together rather than being hurt over the few months of confusion and change.


Mediation is a process using a neutral person (the mediator) to help disputants resolve conflict in a confidential, safe environment. One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that the people involved in the dispute have full control over the resolution.

I have extensive training and experience in mediation and facilitation. Over the past 20 years, I have mediated disputes including divorce, parent/ teens, bullying, landlord/ tenant, neighbor issues, co-parenting/ custody issues and police referred cases. Contact me now to get started.


Ceremony Officiant

Ceremony is a beautiful way to gather together in community and recognize life’s transitions. Ritual and ceremony has been used for thousands of years to deepen a sense of meaning and connection to the sacred. Use ceremony to honor birth, death, graduation, adulthood, marriage, partnership, significant birthdays, a new home or any other life transition that is important to you and your loved ones.

I am a legally ordained minister, with over 30 years experience designing and leading ceremony. I can incorporate rituals and spiritual teachings specific to the needs of your family and community. Contact me today to plan your special life celebration.