Science of Joy

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Joy follows a very predictable, methodical, step-by-step process.

 It’s not just spontaneous?

Absolutely not, absolutely not. There are factors that lead to joy; there are factors that take away from joy. And there are identifiable barricades and sabotages to joy and once you identify the pattern of sabotage or barricades, then all you have to do is remove it and then, the flow is back again.

Is that what your 10 Steps is about?

 That’s exactly what the Onani Mentoring Technique is all about.

 So the Technique is the, I guess, your scientific method for helping people attain joy.

 Yes, it’s the scientific method. It’s the repeatable, identifiable, methodical process. And when people come to me, I can translate, this is one thing that is my expertise, I can translate their experience whether it’s with a boss, with children, with their health, their significant other; I translate all of that into “What is their spirit saying? What are they telling me about themselves?” It’s a different language. The spirit speaks, I say, through mirrors; our life is the mirror to the spirit and I’m very quick at translating. People think I’m psychic or I’m channeling or I’m spying on them, (laughing) because I know them sometimes more deeply than they know themselves.

 Kind of like a psychic Santa Claus, sees you when you’re sleeping.

 Well, yes, except without the judgment. Santa “makes a list, checks it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.” In my book, there is no such thing as naughty. There’s only experience, and then consequence.


  1. L T

    I’m looking for help. Maybe you can help me. I’ve had almost constant severe depression and anxiety,(bipolar ?), ocd and symptoms of PTSD since 2001.

    I really have a “perfect” life in every way except for my mind-how I react to and view things. I can’t seem to control my mind-depression and anxiety despite 40-some drugs and combinations I’ve tried under psych
    care. Also yoga, meditation,physical exercise, good sleep, sunshine, etc.

    You get the picture. Anything you can try? anyone you can refer? native plants??

  2. Onani

    Thank you for your question. Your symptoms are not all that uncommon, including among highly “successful” professionals. I do recommend using different avenues of support like you are doing. It’s wonderful that you are being conscientious about your daily life habits,such as getting exercise, sleep and sunshine.

    Oftentimes, my work is the key to bring all the other aspects of health in synch with one another since I work at the core, creation level. Once you begin to connect to your dreams and desires, symptoms such as depression and anxiety might take on a different meaning for you.

    You might be interested in reading my blog article about the Mystic with Mental Illness. Click here

    I have worked with many people in your situation. Feel free to email me with your name and phone number if you’d like to discuss options further. Blessings on your healing journey of love and joy. I can be reached at:

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