José and Vlado are in the Amazon jungle discussing the opportunity before us at this time, with an open invitation to join the Cosmic Party!

Vlado   You made me remember this, right now all the world is in crisis. All the people say, “What happened in Egypt yesterday, the war in Iraq and all the things?” The people say, “The world is in crisis.” I remember, for the native people, crisis means opportunity. So right now, the world has a big opportunity for making change that we need; because this is the moment. You are here for something. We are here for something. The war and the energy of the cosmos put us here, right now in this moment.

José    Yes, and if you think about it, this was something already written. 500 years ago, when Europeans came to America, there was a crisis here. Imagine the crisis for our Native people here. 500 years ago, they came and they destroyed everything. Tried to kill the culture, the people, all the diseases that came. In the Andean tradition there is an omen, a prophecy called the Pachacuti, which means every 500 years, things change; the polarities change. So right now is a rebirth of the Native traditions which is the spirit of the Mother Earth, really. But now it’s not about Native Americans because now we are all Native Americans. We are now all Children of the Earth. Right now the new race is awakening and it doesn’t matter it you are black, white, Asian or whatever. It’s something that is written. It’s something we can not stop. But it’s something we need to understand. And the main thing is don’t fight it. Don’t fight it because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

Vlado   When I was a child, people would think all the world is against the other. But right now, if you can see all the People and can understand all the people are spiritual souls really. People are not the color of skin, or a nationality.

José   Or not even their sex.

Vlado  Exactly. But a spiritual soul. Trying to grow up and have a consciousness of their own life. That’s all. If we work together and help people to do this, that is really a big step for humankind. That is the really big step, no walk on the moon. The Sacred, this is the really big step for humankind. Work together.

José   it’s a quantum leap. Because this transcends matter, it transcends everything. It transcends time. We are going into a timeless era. We’re entering the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension. I’m sure not everybody has been exposed to certain types of information or felt it inside them. I know it is in all of us, but not everyone has had the opportunity or the chance to experience it. As people who do feel it, I think it is our responsibility to be facilitators so everyone can join this. This is like a huge party; this is a cosmic event. At least that’s my dream, that’s my vision; when we all come together in a huge celebration where we’re going to just love everybody. Everybody love everybody!

Vlado   I remember when someday we met up to talk. We were talking 3 hours or 4 hours, and in a moment, we felt something inside us and I almost cried because we said “Wow that’s it. That’s it.” Working together. Let fall down all the borders, let fall down all the societies because we are the Children of the Mother Earth.

José   It gives me goosebumps.

Vlado  Now you think about this, I told you this last night, when Columbus came here, if the people still lived like the ancient people, we could drink the water from any river. Because the water was sacred. This is an important message Please just feel your heart. Don’t have fear. Your heart is your guide.

José   That’s the fire within us. Just like the water is within us. Just the Earth. Just like the wind. That’s what connects us all.

Vlado  We can make really good things when all the People work together. You, us and all the people that see this video can work with us.

José  This is a big invitation for anybody out there watching this; you have a nice place to come here to Ecuador to unlearn what you think you know, to let us share what we know because we are speaking for the Earth. We are speaking from our hearts. We all want the same thing at the end, which is freedom, happiness, equality and a healthy planet.

Everyone   Thank you.