Trusting the Mystery

by Onani | Onani Mentoring

Trusting the Mystery

Audio transcript


Sacred is acknowledging the Mystery, to me. That’s what Sacred means. It’s simply acknowledging the Mystery. No, it’s more than that. It’s not only acknowledging the Mystery, it’s trusting the Mystery; that life and the Universe is always bigger than we can ever comprehend. And yet there is an innate balance and wisdom, harmony and inner-connection within that Mystery. So for me, the Mystery is inherently trustworthy

It’s not anything that would be overwhelming or . . .

No, that’s made up. That’s something I make up.

So there’s no objective basis for being afraid or uncertain?

Sure, yes oh absolutely. Oh absolutely. That’s a very useful experience. Growth is always moving beyond what’s comfortable. So growth entails the Mystery or the Sacred. And so when I experience fear, it brings me face to face with the unknown. So it’s not necessarily something I run from; sometimes it’s something I move into.