Spiritual Process

Audio Transcript


I have no background; I have no education or experience in therapy or psychotherapy, mental illness, diagnosis, medications. I have no background in that at all. My background is education, holistic health and spiritual process.

So that’s what I bring as a mentor, is a deep understanding of what is spiritual process. And not only an understanding, but this amazing, incredible belief in the human spirit.

So what is the thrust of your teaching? What are the most important things that you have to impart to the people that come to see you? And how do you teach them?

Well, I guess the most important thing I teach is how to connect to that divinity within. And divinity is made up of power and love

How do you teach about those things?

Okay. That’s a good question. How I teach it is by taking a person’s story, by taking what they tell me and translating it into internal language.

First of all, I always say this is not my story, this is your story. You are the expert of your own story. So I repeat their story back, translated into spiritual process to see where they are owning their power, or giving up their power, sabotaging themselves, living out of old history, reacting, rather than being present and responding, It’s beautiful.

And as a person comes to present time, I encourage a person to love themselves deeper and deeper. And what love means is to acknowledge their divinity, acknowledge their uniqueness. What are my gifts and talents? What do I love to do? What am I really good at? What brings joy into my life?

What do I love? Then put your resources into that. Spend your time, spend your money supporting yourself and that’s called love. And once a person deepens into their own love, they are freer to see the uniqueness of others.