Onani Mentoring provides personal mentoring, executive coaching and conflict resolution to individuals and organizations,

Onani studies with global leaders in medicine, science, technology, business and spirituality.  She is a professor of Indigenous Healing and doctoral candidate of Theology and Energy Medicine through Holos University Graduate Seminary.

Onani means joy in Ojibway, a native tribe of the Great Lakes region of the U.S

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Midewiwin – Mysteries and Secrets

Midewiwin – Mysteries and Secrets

My name is Onani. I am Mixed Blood Anishinaabequay, a woman of Celtic and Native American ancestry. I am a Mashkikiquay of the Midewiwin, a medicine woman of our tradition.
Thus begins a complicated story of love and hate, betrayal and courage. A story of a “500 year old relationship; coming out of conflict, colonialism and denial.” Though it may seem simple and personal on the surface;. . .